About us

Unique Grain Management is an Australian owned and operated specialist grain pool manager focused on the needs of the grower, Unique Grain provides “New Pools” for wheat and barley to growers across Western Australia, South Australia and Victoria. As a pool manager we only market grain and there is NO trading in Unique Grain – we don’t create risk, we manage risk.

Our vision

“…To provide a unique grain pool solution, focused on the best interests of growers, with a commitment to creating long term value and sustainability.”

“What growers should expect…”

Unique Grain’s sole focus is grain pool marketing, accurately communicating information, and delivering the best return for growers.
Transparency at a new level, through clarity around costs and revenues, strategy and expectation.
The pool stakeholder is treated no differently than a participant in other industries where asset values are managed and created on their behalf, ie
– ongoing, transparent communication
– clear sales, marketing and risk strategy
– transparent numbers and market updates
– it is about the grain pool participant not the company’s shareholders
A world class grain management system (Unique Grain uses Eka Software Solutions), which provide accurate and easy to follow information on your position in the pool. You have a secure link to your account in the pool.
Active market developers.