Our specialist team

Our experienced board and management team have actively participated in Australian grain marketing at local and international levels over the last 25 years.

Mark Thiele, Managing Director

Mark has over 25 years experience in the Australian grain industry. Starting with Australian Wheat Board in 1988 when domestic deregulation and changes in storage and handling were the issues of the day. He has seen the changes to how the industry and growers relate and the first hand change in relationships with buyers and processes, domestically and internationally. He has:

  • held trading, grain marketing, and general management positions, as well as the role of Managing Director of Elders Toepfer Grain
  • built grain businesses from the ground up, including Elders Grain from start-up to in excess of 3 million metric tonnes traded within the joint venture
  • developed national relationships with growers, grower access models and learnt through experience the needs and wants of growers
  • participated and led industry change at the company level, industry advocacy holding board positions in industry representative organisations (NACMA, precursor to GTA, and Australian Grain Exporters Association (AGEA)) and as a communicator to governments and industry regulators
  • built and developed sustainable business models creating long term value


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