Board members

Tony Critch, Director

Tony is an experienced grain grower and industry advocate based in Western Australia, 70 kilometres from Geraldton.  He runs the family farm, Wyalong, with his sons and their families. Tony has always been very focussed on issues related to grower’s ongoing sustainability and the value created for growers as a reward for risks they take in producing the Australia grain crop. He has always looked at how the industry is positioned for the future.  His 3 years as Chairman of CBH were at a time of significant change for the Australian grain industry.

Tony now holds several small official duties in grain industry organisations and is looking forward to this role as Unique Grain looks at what structures the industry needs going forward. Tony is a current board member of the Mid-West Men’s Health Board, in Western Australia. His previous board memberships include:

  • 18 years on the CBH Group board, including 3 years as Chairman (retired 2008)
  • 3 years as Chairman of Grain Industry Western Australia (retired 2011)

Edward Taylor, Director

Edward is a Partner at Shearer + Elliss, an Adelaide based accounting and advisory firm. He is a chartered accountant and business advisor with a broad range of clients in diverse industries, including manufacturing and processing, retail and hospitality; and legal and medical professionals.

Edward is a director of a number of private companies, including

  • Biotech Capital Ltd
  • Captain Courageous Foundation


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